Here are some commonly asked questions about Earthwalk Designer Tiles


Q. How do I install Earthwalk Tiles?

A. View our How to Install page for detailed installation instructions.


Q. Can Earthwalk Tiles be cut?

A. Yes


Q. Do I need special tools to install Earthwalk Tiles?

A. No. Simple hand tools may be used like a rubber mallet or utility knife.  For larger installations power tools may be required.


Q. How do I clean Earthwalk Tiles?

A.  Any all-purpose cleaner that you would use for vinyl flooring.  Do not use any products containing bleach or wax.


Q. Do I need to prepare the floor surface before installing Earthwalk Tiles?

A. Yes. Remove any loose debris and prep surface.  No adhesives or fasteners  Are required.


Q. Can I park cars or place heavy equipment on Earthwalk Tiles?

A. Yes.  Our tiles are designed and have been tested to support heavy loads.


Q.  Does Earthwalk Tiles offer custom colors?

A.   Yes.  Please contact our customer service department or visit our website at  www.earthwalktiles.com and we will be happy to help you.


Q. What are the benefits of using Earthwalk Tile ramp edges and corner pieces?

A.  To eliminate trip points and allow for easy access and passage.


Q. Can I use Earthwalk Tiles for both indoor and outdoor applications?

A. Yes.  Our tiles are great for both.


Q. Is Earthwalk Tiles chemical, UVA, and stain resistant?

A. Yes.


Q. How do I determine how many Earthwalk Tiles I need?

A. Use our convenient Floor designer to help you determine the number of tiles required for your specific application.


Q. What are Earthwalk Tiles made out of?

A. Recycled and plastic zed vinyl, 90-95 Shore-A durometer.


Q. How does Earthwalk Tiles hold up in extreme weather?

A. Great!  Our tiles are not temperature sensitive.


Q. What are the benefits of using Earthwalk Tiles?

A. Our tiles are slip resistant, resistant to UV, completely hygienic, quick and easy installation, low maintenance, and they allow air to pass through and around eliminating moisture.


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