Earthwalk Flooring offers the most Affordable, Creative, and Versatile way to design any flooring application

- Jack

As seen on Rock My RV - Toterhome Episode aired August 25, 2013 on the Travel Channel.

The Design

Our design is what sets us apart from the competition.  Using a post and loop fastening system, our tiles come together for a seamless and easy installation every time.  Only our design allows air, water and debris to pass underneath freely without restriction.


The Material

We use vinyl resin to produce our  tiles.  Vinyl resin is an extremely versatile thermoplastic polymer substance used for a wide range of applications.  It is also the backbone material of vinyl compounds.  Assorted additives are mixed in, which determine characteristics such as flexibility, color, and weatherization/UV ability.


The Advantage

Unlike other tiles on the market, Earthwalk Flooring features a comfort design with no raised surfaces making it easy and comfortable to walk on with bare feet.  This design also relieves the stress of standing or kneeling on the tiles for long periods of time.  We use non-slip materials, which deliver enough traction in slick or wet areas to avoid accidents.  Through extensive research and engineering we have also attained the following features:


  Flame Resistance

  UV Stability

  Low temperature Flexibility

  Chemical Resistance

  Fungus and Bacteria Resistance

  Heat Resistance

Colors and Styles

Install 101


Green Initiative